Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Change Really all That Good?

I started typing and realized what I was writing was just a lot of whining.  No one wants to read that unless there are great pictures to go with it.  lol

So, my initial question, is change really all that good?  my ultimate answer (without the whining) is yes.........

Maybe I will get around to writing what I like about change.  But some days.............
Instead of writing, I think I will just share some of my favorite photos, and remind people that if things didn't change they would forever stay the same.  Even a rock changes; just not on the same time frame that we live.

Proud as a peacock
Wish we could have gotten a 'fan' picture. But I love this one.
This is one of the pictures I will need to include on my Domesticated Wildlife Wednesday.  Working on editing some other fun ones, but I am afraid the quick sister took all of the good ones, I will just have to set it up and share, allowing everyone to view things from yet another set of eyes.

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  1. I am always very resistant to change, but in the end I am usually able to appreciate the benefits of the change that comes about in my life. Still, I can empathize with you and would be more than happy to sit and commiserate with you - you can do all the whining you want!!