Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wacky Wildlife Wednesday

First, let me share a couple of  links, first to the bird and blooms blog I posted this evening and second to a post that shares the love of nature:      Fun times at Bauman's Farms.  Gonna do it again with yet another sister.  (Picture me smiling, quite satisfied.)   This is a post that shares the love of nature, and a good way to get yourself out there.

Now, today was spent with Dawn, driving around (one of our favorite things to do) taking pictures, enjoying each other's company.  I am not sure about Dawn, but I know that our biweekly jaunts tend to fulfill a desire nestled deep within, to make something in my life fun.  Aw, I realize that being able to play on the computer, being able to spend time with family, sharing the photos and the funnies of our family and friends may be enough for a lot of people.  But for me there needs to be a recharge point, something to plug into.

Today that something was going up to the reservoir (I know this spelling looks wrong, but its what the computer told me, so go figure!) to find birds.  Unfortunately there was only one, and he wasn't remotely interested in us:

We really had to zoom in so this isn't all that much
But is was a gorgeous day for our Wacky Wildlife Wednesday, and if that was all the wildlife we could find, it was worth the trip.

Here's a couple of more shots we took while hoping for a closer glimpse of our fine feathered buddy.

Should have been teeming with wildlife, instead all was peaceful, as you can see.

So it begs the question -- where have all the birds gone?
At some point I am going to hit the jackpot, I am going to stumble upon (I said it, too, Dawnee!) a flock of geese, or a kingfisher or a bald eagle soaring across the fields, but until then, I will use the days to recharge, learn to appreciate the gifts I have been given.
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. The birds have gone south for the winter silly!

  2. On the one hand, selfishly, I always feel a little bit sorry for myself whenever I hear that you and Dawn have been out snapping photos and enjoying one another's company.

    On the other hand, not as selfishly, I am completely thrilled whenever I hear that you and Dawn have been out snapping photos and enjoying one another's company!

    I think that maybe we take for granted what a blessing it is to have one another and not only that... but to have such a close and loving relationship with one another. I know of too many others whose sibling relationships leave much to be desired, and it makes me aware of how wonderful it is that we all have each other to lean on and to love.

    I am looking forward to a simpler time in my life (after I'm all done with school) during which I will have the opportunity to join you out on your wacky wildlife wednesdays!!!