Life as I know it

My midlife crisis (which never ceases to go away) has driven me to explore new territories.  So I began to teach myself to watercolor, I blogged for Birds and Blooms for a few months, picked up a camera and am learning which way to point it before I click the button, and am expanding on my love of nature and the beauty around me.  Now that the Birds and Blooms posting is over I feel rudderless (if that is a word) and know it is time to get back to my basics.

For me, basics includes learning the world of blogging, sharing love and laughter with my family and friends.  The happiest period of my life included learning to paint -- thus the title of this blog, Cold Pressed Day.  The painting stopped while I blogged for Birds and Blooms and I miss it.  So I intend to focus on what this blog was supposed to be about:  learning to paint.

But it will include family and friends and life lessons, I hope. Getting back to some of the crafting, which I love!  So this blog will focus on anything and everything.  Thank you for joining me.

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