Monday, September 19, 2011

Reference to my other blog.               

This should be a connection to the  blog I wrote tonight.  I would love if you all checked it out and left comments.

Its after 2:30 and I gotta work tomorrow...........

Friday, September 16, 2011

Off with Summer, on with Fall

                          Wonderful finds as Dawn and I attempt to make the counter 'plant worthy'.........

Something old, something new...............or at least new uses for old things.
 Found this candle thingy tucked away, the candle only burned once....the theory was good, but the actual product didn't work for us, so taking out the wax and putting in the rocks and crystals---which are supposed to be good for the mental and physical--goodness knows I could use some help with both mental and physical.  
And now I am wondering how to go about spending the time to organize and emphasize the sweetness... I remember years ago being able to take a spot and decorate it the way I wanted, then going to the next. and then the next, until, ultimately I had a wonderful relaxing place that felt special to me.

So this my goal.....find old things that are new to me, or find new things that would fit into the 'old' atmosphere I am interested in.  Enjoy what I have accomplished, learn from other bloggers, and quit sitting back waiting for things to happen.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ramblings on this first day of September.........

I don't know if it is plagiarism to describe my favorite Far Side comic; it completely describes my life.  I know we cannot post any of the comics (Gary Larsen has full rights and approves no posting, so I have read); but to describe it, well maybe that's a different kettle of fish.  Here goes.  (Bear with me, oh friends that have heard me go on about it before.)

.....Picture a flock of geese walking south for the winter.  They are in perfect formation, with the leading goose being the lookout, staving off the headwinds that may make it difficult to make progress through the fields and across the roads as they make their way south.  The leading guy looks up and sees another flock flying overhead.  Caption reads simply:  "Say, look what they're doing."

The story of my life, always looking at what other people are doing.  Choices we make.  Hmmm, sometimes we play the mental game of wishing. "Wish I could do that." or "Wouldn't it be cool to (fill blank in with your own desires)."  That comic completely describes my way of living.  I have lived my life as a watcher not a doer, one that secretly resents all of the contestants on any reality or game show.  All I thought of was how much more I could use the money.  I mean come on, really!! You really want to win a million bucks to pay for a wedding?  Psht!  I have better uses for it.

So, learning is difficult, and sometimes we travel the pathway around the mountain more than once before our reality sinks in.  We really can control what we do, or how we handle a situation.

Here's an example:  I have always wanted to be a writer.  Never mind that I have never finished a story; never mind that I couldn't see an end to my own plots.  But, we started a writers group with my favorite people in the world, and it reaffirmed my ability to write.  So, okay, I can do this.  Then I joined a writing class where we pick a topic and write, usually something personal, reflections on our lives in relation to a spring day, or a tree from our past.  Nothing fake.  Then my sister says I need to start a blog.  Well, okay, but who would be interested?  Doesn't matter.  It's writing that matters.  Here is what I gain by writing:  I see what I want, instead of think about it.  Seeing something is one step closer to reality.  Putting things down on paper is one way to set goals.  Pretty soon the pathway is there.

Now my reality includes two blogs, one personal, and one that is read nationally by anyone so inclined.  The shadows and the lights surrounding my desires have firmed up into the lines of something I can touch.