Friday, September 16, 2011

Off with Summer, on with Fall

                          Wonderful finds as Dawn and I attempt to make the counter 'plant worthy'.........

Something old, something new...............or at least new uses for old things.
 Found this candle thingy tucked away, the candle only burned once....the theory was good, but the actual product didn't work for us, so taking out the wax and putting in the rocks and crystals---which are supposed to be good for the mental and physical--goodness knows I could use some help with both mental and physical.  
And now I am wondering how to go about spending the time to organize and emphasize the sweetness... I remember years ago being able to take a spot and decorate it the way I wanted, then going to the next. and then the next, until, ultimately I had a wonderful relaxing place that felt special to me.

So this my goal.....find old things that are new to me, or find new things that would fit into the 'old' atmosphere I am interested in.  Enjoy what I have accomplished, learn from other bloggers, and quit sitting back waiting for things to happen.


  1. You just gave me an idea! :) I have one of those hanging candle "thingies" (perfect word for it!) and never burn candles in them but didn't know what else I could do with it...I love the idea of using the rocks (and I had no idea about the feng shui aspect...I need to make a note of that!). It looks so pretty next to the greenery/plants. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. mom im taking credit for the hanging candle thingie with rocks!!! LOL :)

  3. now I need a hanging candle thingie with rocks in it!! hehehe :)

    Soo cool. I love you sis!!