Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Tangle Here

Wow!  I see it has been almost a year since I have opened these pages.  Not sure I remember all of the steps, but it should prove interesting.

January 21, it's been almost a month since the world was scheduled to end according to the Mayan Calendar. At some point during this final year of my life on earth I felt it was important to do what I want, learn what I can, and geek out the way I have never geeked before.  I have learned there is life beyond my family and there are people throughout the world very wonderful to know.

I have learned that Doctor Who is actually a way of life, how to look at things (we are much smaller that I ever imagined), how to treat people (we are much more important that we ever realized), and that The Doctor is worth waiting for.  lol  I have decided there is much more to life than sitting in the living room with my mother in the evening doesn't really mean quality time.  She needs attention too.  Companionship isn't a partner to watch all of the most recent Law and Order.

A lot of the last several months has been me trying to determine who I am.  I have always been the responsible one (not that others in the family weren't responsible) -- meaning acknowledging what is mine to maintain and put my energy and love into.  But I have made time trying to learn what it is that appeals to me as well.  There is a difference between doing what you are supposed to do and taking responsibility for what I should do.  I guess that is pretty vague.  But perhaps it is time to focus on this blog as a tool to show me who I am.

Ah, it has always been watercolor (hence the name of my blog), writing and creating with a circle of people like-minded.  It has always been family and work.  My playtime, though, has never been structured...until this past year.  I have learned to tangle. I have learned to watercolor my tangles. I have learned that the tangles I draw appeal to a variety of people for a variety of reasons.

So, this first blog of the new year is dedicated to displaying what I have learned to create.  We'll see where I go from here.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post Momma. And I agree about Doctor Who. :D
    Love you!