Monday, February 20, 2012

So, Vacation

                                         So, Vacation

Vacation can be a wonderful time to learn about yourself.  For example, I learned that things don't get done unless you take active steps to apply yourself.  I am an active procrastinator, therefore, mental goals I made never saw the light of day.

I did learn that in spite of  false starts, such as needing to go to the coast a day earlier than you mentally plan for, you can drive through snow to play at the beach on a sunny day.  Possibly common knowledge for most Oregonians, while at the coast I learned low tide is an awesome time to collect sand dollars;  to be fair to the sand dollar population, I also learned you don't take the ones with the little fuzzy feelers on the bottom.  This means they are still alive.

Once we returned from the beach my powers of procrastination kicked in -- there should be a super hero of procrastination; I would definately be in the running. I learned additional things once I got home...keeping the grandson and stepgrandson (to be exact, it is a great nephew who calls me Grandma, cuz it is easier than figuring out what type of relationship he and I actually have, as he is living with my ex son in law and my niece) is good for me, but slightly stressful for Mom.  So ya keep em busy with movies or playing around in the next room.  My vacation education from these two little guys took over.

From Caleb and Trevor I don't really get stars for doing gramma things:  such as (from Caleb) the other gramma, even though she is older is quite fun to be around, but of course, I am alright.  I also learned  from the almost four year old grandson that it really sucks bigtime that I didn't get him something for Valentine's Day, even though he brought over candy for me.  But I wasn't the only one that learned something from him today.  Caleb learned he should have gotten something bigger for Trevor since I suck. I am not a 'relationship' kind of person -- don't really have a close personal relationship with all of my children...heck!  I can't really count the friends I have, because that would demonstrate an active participation with people, and I am such a procrastinator that I really prefer being at home and 'doing my thing'. I suspect that these could be 'learned' a bit more active with my grandchildren, with the people I would like to consider friends.

So perhaps the biggest thing I learned over my vacation is I should be open to learning and not procrastinate making changes; it might make me a more 'all around' person.  To reinforce that, I just found on a blog a terrific statement.  Check it out!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, all three of you readers, lol!  One final coast shot!


  1. Wow.... that was a cool quote!!! I should print that out and put it up on my walls, all through the house!!! I do take offense, however, that you think YOU should be in the running for the Super Hero Procrastinator! I've been working SO hard at winning that title myself!!

    Know what I learned over your vacation? One... driving to the coast with you is a blast. Two... Valentine's Day matters more to my husband than he lets on. Three... teeth suck. Four... Patience asks the best questions ever!

  2. I know, huh! It was such a fun trip, first with the two of us, then with Paysh to entertain us on the way back.

  3. Well, I am reading this piece, so that makes four readers. That paragraph under the picture of your two grandsons, tells me much about you, from my ridge-top, here in Norcal. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

  4. I leaned on your vacation that the ocean can be a really beautiful thing when seen from the right view and with the right viewers, this I've found is also true for people. And, speaking as one of your grandchildren, I think your a blast to be around! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with the kids though, even if it stressed your mom. Love you my wonderfully busy procrastinating grandmother!!!

  5. i love patience wonderfully busy procrastinating grandmother too lol!
    and your my friend.
    and i miss you.
    and i think Dawn wins the superhero, you get more done than you think ;)