Monday, February 6, 2012

The Gife of a Perfect Moment

                                                   The Gift of a Perfect Moment

Occasionally there is a feeling of being in the right place at the right time -- I hate that phrase.  It is over used and it doesn't really describe the event.

Instead, I will describe the moment; you may interpret it as being in the right place at the right time; but I think of that phrase as a situation where a positive event benefits an individual, such as being in the right store to buy that particular lottery ticket, or assisting in something momentous as to help an individual who has been involved in  a car accident, or even something as simple as helping someone to the grocery store.

So, to be clear, perhaps I had a perfect moment.

The sky, wonderfully robin egg blue, enveloped the morning, and sitting on my deck gave me a sense of belonging to the day.  The sounds of birds floated through the air, one particularly close.  (I attempt to make sure the birds in the neighborhood have plenty of seeds, a bit of water for hydration, and I try to keep the deck free of cats.  This is an ongoing state -- me against the predators of the aviators.)

As I listened to the tweeting, the chirps, the talking back and forth of the species, I had an overwelming feeling of honor that they would choose my humble deck as a place to gather.

A junco hopped down onto one of the planters, empty of foliage.  I have placed a pie plate - thank you Marie Calendar - on this planter filled with a combination of black sunflowers, simple seed, and thistle, attempting a combination which would entice anything from my wonderful winter juncos, to the blue jays or chickadees and gold finches.

After nibbling for a moment or two this junco hopped back into the pear tree which is adjacent to my back yard.  From his beak I had the pleasure of listening to his song.  This was a first for me, something more than the quick little sounds, almost chitters like I normally hear.  His singing was for the day, as if expressing an accord with my spirit.  It was beautiful.  Here is a connection which will take you to the sounds the junco emits:  If the link doesn't work (I have attempted to set it up a couple of different ways, just copy and paste in a new window.  It reminds me of just the songs they insert into the background noise in movies -- wonderful.

Because it was a perfect moment I didn't focus only on the junco but sat there and absorbed the day.  Sun was glinting through the branches of our maple tree/bush and strands of cobwebs glittered from branch to branch, trails of the pathway the friendly spiders traveled.  The branches were full of them, almost as if they held the branches together. As I looked I could see light playing with the individual webs.  My content was complete, and I felt the honor of being alive and part of the cycle, as if there was something in my life I was doing right.


  1. Wow.... what a perfect post! You certainly captured the perfectness of the moment.

  2. Love this post :) Makes me wish I was sitting there with you! Lucky.. and the bird sounds beautiful!!!