Sunday, January 8, 2012

Down Time

I have spent today as 'down time'.  Oh, the day started productive:  picked my sister up at 10 a.m. for a quick trip to the craft store -- quick because Grampa Yo was left in charge of the grandchildren.  He is highly equipped to take care of them, being the father of more than those little ones.  But we made it a quick trip, none the less.  That means Dawn and I were back within three hours of leaving the house.  That's good, right?  Heehee.

Then I was anxious to get home and start on my project.  Part of what we have been doing is trying different things for an Etsy Account.  That means this baby (or one similar to it) will be available to order.  We each have a couple of ideas for a variety of things that we can create and offer.

But, back to the 'down time'.  After I managed to choose the paper for the project, Dorthy came over for her semi monthly visit with mom.  Good on Dorthy.  She has never pulled her punches when it comes to telling her what she thinks about mom's choice of inactivity.  We all know about pain.  Each of us have our own 'brand', whether it is migraines, lupus, arthritis, we have all felt the pain of living through each day.  So I cannot judge the depth of mom's pain.  Surely when it started it was manageable, but we had a wonderful father that couldn't stand to see her in pain.  His solution?  Make sure she didn't have to do anything that hurt.  If you are arthritic (I am) you know that the more you move the better off your joints are.  It is a choice.

If it is not a choice then I will be living the way mom does when I am her age.  I can't go for that.  So I work in retail. I sit on the floor.  I play with my grandchildren.  I try to do things each day.

Yet I write in digression once again.  What was the topic?  Oh, yeah.  Down time.  I spent the day in the dining room (and kitchen - salmon, saute'd carrots, mashed potatoes and peach cobbler).  I didn't gravitate too far away.  Computer was handy and netflix caught me up on my Bones episodes.  So at the table, plotting out my creation, cooking and several episodes of Bones. That is my idea of a great day. Now I can concentrate on Fringe.

What does down time mean for different people?  I have a couple of brothers in law that would consider an afternoon with a sports show their down time.  My sons would consider playing video games (such a narrow word to apply to so many options on what type of device they use to attack their video games).  My daughter Darcie probably figures movies as down time while Marnie likes to experiment in the kitchen.

My down time is spent with crafts, whether it is creating what is pictured above, or writing on one of my stories.  Regardless of how we choose to spend down time, everyone needs it.  It builds the spirit, nourishes the soul.  Not taking any down time is to neglect yourself.  Aren't we much healthier and able to help other people when we spare a little time for ourselves?


  1. I love your photo - some kind of drawers? Love them! I'm with you on choices - - I hope I always have the choice to be active, even when I'm much older. And as for down time, books and TV!!

  2. You're right about my down time. I'm like you with my netflix. Occasionally I like to bake or cook but i like my shows.
    And I love sitting on the floor with your grandchildren too!
    That's good down time for me but I still need to find out how to make more time for myself.. like getting out of the house without my kids ha ;)
    Love your etsy items!