Thursday, December 29, 2011


Winter.....We recognize it's value, that it is necessary in the cycle of things. But why?  Maybe I need to remember the value winter brings... I know the plants need this dormant period to build their energy for all that is called upon them in the spring.  Birds use this time to travel the world, finding winter homes better suited to their slight forms--
If we are not athletic we don't change our cycle; we don't treat a winter's day as anything more than a drearier time of the year.  We continue to work, go to school, use our energy up yearning for the sun.  We may read an extra book.
But, do we adapt to the cycle of winter?  I know I don't.  I don't find snow strewn paths to walk.  I seldom monitor nature to learn about the dormancy period in it's lifecycle. 
Perhaps I could take time to see the rosehips that grow from the spent rose blossoms, or maybe watch the birds that are spending more time at my bird bath after they eaten.  There's a definate desire to feel the crackle of the leaves on a pathway......if I would ever do it.
I love to 'pay attention' to the days getting longer, to notice when we have 15 extra minutes of light.  It is the season of writing for me.  With winter come ideas to develop.  This past fall I got what I thought of as a good idea, and I roped the family members that are writers into joining the project.
Then there is my book list; I think there are definate winter books, spring books, sum--you get the idea.  My favorite classical winter book is Little Women;  it is time for me to pick it up again.  But it is also time for me to treat winter as something I could join into -- the walk with nature, maybe a book club.  But mostly I think I need to use this dormancy period for what it is:  preparation for spring.

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  1. I do not dislike winter at all . . . just the iced roads :) i love the look of snow covered trees and the crunch beneath my feet. There does come a time, however, when I look forward to the spring, and wish the winter away until next year.